Лот№ 002
Серия "Иллюстрации к произведениям А.П.Чехова".
"А.П. Чехов. "Объятия"


Б., тушь, перо, тонированная бумага, белила, цветной карандаш
© Н. Полюшенко

Начальная цена 800000 рублей
Шаг аукциона 1000 рублей
Текущая цена 94000 рублей
Дата окончания 12.01.2013

First of all Nikolay Polyusheko Gallery's auction was created for representation of selected art works, taking part in current exhibitions. We think that it will not only let wider auditory to familiarize with any certain art work but also will provide knowledge extending of visual art, Russian literature, national history, traditions of nations, dialog of cultures.

With that, any event held by the Gallery is encumbered with obligatory expenses, caused by preparation for demonstration of exhibit items, making of baguet frames, passe-partouts, labels, glazing and also by preparation of printed materials including posters, invitations, catalogues, using of professional specialists - fine art experts, philologists, regional ethnographers, interpreters and others. In this way Nikolay Polyushenko Gallery auction is the lever, allowing society to directly participate in organization of exhibition projects, promote spiritual development of our society and moral upbringing of younger generation.