© N.Polyushenko
Серия «А. П. Чехов. Сахалин».
Остров Сахалин. Мыс Столбчатый»
2003, 43х36

Б., акварель, тушь, перо

Aquarelle (from Latin aqua - water), presents a special technique, taking intermediate position between painting and graphics. Artist-aquarellist works with water-based paints on paper or cardboard. Water-based paints mix with water easily, flow over paper canvas, demand high caution during work. White paper background represent light and space in aquarelle technique.

By its nature aquarelle is transparent and lies on paper with the thinnest layer, white color of which, being seen through layers of paints, takes very active part in artistic process and gives to the art work feeling of lightness and freshness.

No master has devoted his talent only to this technique and nothing else. At all times many artists, sculptors and illustrators used aquarelle. They saw in it opportunities different from oil painting, tempera and gouache. Great master always is comprehensive and strives to know and experience various materials and techniques, overcoming appearing difficulties and enriching his experience in this way.

Aquarelles' language turned out to be very close also to Nikolay Polyushenko. He already wrote his first art works made with this technique at the first year of studying in Rostov State University faculty of artistic graphics. The artist recognizes plain-air practice in Cossack village Razdorskaya at the third year of studying, during which his becoming as an artist took place, as an important stage in development of his mastership. Several early art works are still kept in his collection.

Knowledge of graphics and aquarelle helped Nikolay Polyushenko in his publishing activities. The artist published a set of books devoted to A.P. Chekhov, M.A. Sholokhov, Russia and European countries in which his aquarelle work are represented.

The artist approached to different techniques on his creative career but working with aquarelle brings him particular delight. Aquarelle technique attracts Nikolay Polyushenko by its mobility, capability to work in any conditions. The artist often can be seen working with another aquarelle in his art gallery NNN.

Art works from series "A.P. Chekhov. Melikhovo", "Donland", devoted to the sights of Starocherkassk, Tanais, Veshenskaia Cossack village and, of course, of Rostov-on-Don, made with aquarelle technique, are exhibited in the gallery. Sights of Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sri Lanka, Ceylon are also represented. Flower compositions look particularly good to the eye.

In fine art expert V.V. Ryazanov's opinion, Melikhovo's landscapes and series of work devoted to German city Badenwiler, which was visited by our countryman writer A.P. Chekhov, are the most successful.