© N.Polyushenko
Series "Vanguard".


Painting is a type of visual art, pieces of art, which are created with help of paints laying on canvas or other solid surface. Creating imageries, painting uses colors and picture, expression of brushstrokes, what stipulates flexibility of its language and allows it to reproduce in flatness with completeness unapproachable for other types of visual arts colorful pregnancy of the world, dimension of objects, their qualitative property and material flesh, depth of imaging space, light-air atmosphere.

Wideness and completeness of reality's reflection accessible for painting result also in plenty of its genres (historical, everyday, battlefield, animalistic, still-life, landscapes and others).

Painting works are widely represented in creative work of honoured artist of Russia Nikolay Polyushenko. Variety of genres and themes evokes interest of different generations.

As samples of excellent oil painting we can find images of so native and close to Russian soul orthodox churches, ancient monasteries, vast landscapes of our Mother land.

Interior painting also creates some interest, especially luxury apartments' views of Badenwailer (Germany) hotels in which A.P. Chekhov stayed. For the aim of Russian language and literature popularization Nikolay Poluyshenko created a series of work devoted to the places which our world-wide famous writer A.P.Chekhov visited during his traveling around Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine and Hungary.

Contemporary mould-breaking art is also widely represented in NNN gallery. Art experiments and personal viewing of modern art begin to appear more and more often in creative work of N. Polyushenko in the 90th of the previous century. These works became popular among real devotees of his art.

But the main thing in the author's opinion is not to stop on using only one material, because there are images which can be implemented better with oil paintings, for other ideas gravure can be better decision, pencil or aquarelle.

Choosing artistic devices for picturing, Nikolay Polyushenko relies on emotions and first impression. He plans for the future to present for the audience landscapes, portraits, still-life, accomplished in different styles and techniques, starting from realism and finishing with mould-breaking art.

The artist has a talent of organizer, he became an founder of NNN gallery and proved in this way seriousness of his plans, intentions and wishes for promotion and popularization of oil painting.