Plaques of an honoured artist of Russia
Nikolay Polyushenko

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NNN Gallery offers plaques which are not only beautiful souvenirs but also true pieces of art. Authors material gained through numerous expeditions around Russia and world allows to transfer Nikolay Polyusheko's art work in flatness of plaques and create unique souvenirs in this way.

Our plaques can be bought by tourists as a memento of Rostov-on-Don and also can become unique elements of interior. Plaques perfectly fit for decoration of classical interior but they also suit to any style You might choose. They can be displayed separately as well as can be combined into beautiful and significant compositions.

All of them are produced from high quality materials and will be bringing You joy by its beauty and brightness for more than year.

Absolutely various plots can be depicted on these plaques. Among them are sights of different countries and cities, historical events and famous persons of century.

Plaques are excellent gifts and will be loved by true completistes, amateurs of authors ceramics, characters and aesthetes.

Plaques are collected all over the world because there is a belief that circle is a symbol of stability.

NNN Gallery offers You to buy new gift souvenir with graphics of an honoured artist of Russia, Member of artists' commonwealth of Russia and the International Association of Arts AIAP UNESCO Nikolay Polyushenko - authors plaque with different illustrations of following themes:

  • A.P. Chekhov,
  • M.A. Sholokhov,
  • Rostov-on-Don,
  • Russia,
  • Donland,
  • Golden cupolas of Russia,
  • Italy,
  • Malta,
  • Germany,
  • Austria,
  • France,
  • Switzerland,
  • Hungary,
  • Sakhalin island,
  • Cylon island (Sri Lanka),
  • Landscapes and flowers,
  • Portraits.

Plaques with Nikolay Polyushenko illustrations can be packed to branded stylish package, which will protect them during transportation on long distances. Also additional agreement with the artist makes it possible to purchase plaques with images made especially for You.

Historical note.

First porcelain plates, similar to modern ones, were created in China in the 7th century. And at this moment ..."at Royal Households of Europe cooked meals were put in bowls cut in oak tables; in the XIII century - in pieces of bread with round shape; and only by XIV-XV centuries plates from stannum and wood appeared. Reach households used metal dishware."

But in the beginning of the 18th century in German city Meissen ceramists managed to study how to make plates according to Chinese secrets. Nowadays "Meissen porcelain" - it's already a brand, closely connected to elite life style.

And what about plaques? Who and when started to use them as decoration? It began from the tradition to reward by expensive porcelain plates lieges who particularly distinguished themselves in the face of monarch. And since the end of the 19th century mode to collect them appeared. Dinner plates with white-blue color were in the highest demand and also the most rare and old samples.

In the mid 60th of the 20th century well-known company Lalik represented collection of plates which were designed especially for decoration but not for eating. This successful commercial invention brought first-of-the-air in attitude to plaques. Nowadays it's recognized as very fashionable, exclusive and creative solution.

Now let's go for decorator's secrets, which will help You to bring an interesting detail to interior, using your own plaques: those ones which You already have and those ones which You will find suitable for Your interior (and will buy additionally).

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