Nikolay Polyushenko gallery offers high quality passe-partout for decoration of aquarelles, gravures, drawings and reproductions. Thanks to many years of working with passe-partout and gained experience we will properly represent Your collections.

Having rich color and tincture palette, passe-partout acts as an instrument of reaching colour balance between image and frame; and also between the wall where picture is located.

Passe-partout gives "air" essential for a picture and helps to implement decor decisions during art modeling. Except decorative features, passe-partout chosen in a proper way protects Your collections from polluting matters, getting older and fading.


Passe-partout (from French passe par tout) - list of carton or paper with quadrangle, oval or round aperture cut in its center, in which photocard, drawing and gravure are put in. It helps easily select frame size for image size. Besides informational notes, autograph of depicted person are often located on passe-partout.