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Серия "Иллюстрации к произведениям А.П.Чехова" А.П. Чехов.
"Объятия" 2009

Б., тушь, перо, тонированная бумага, белила, цветной карандаш

Drawing is a form of freehand visual art which is created with the number of graphical tools – outlines, strokes, spots, combination of different graphical tools make plastic modeling, tonal effect and the effect of light and shade.

Drawing compiles every artwork of two dimensions (painting, graphics art, relief). There are many different types of drawings, that are distinguished by methods, by topics and genres, by purposes and techniques. One of the first series of artworks created by Nikolay Polyushenko (long before he became an Honoured Artist) was made in the form of drawing and devoted to the memorial places of Rostov.

Today the collection of Nikolay Polyushenko comprises a number of drawings that he made while travelling around Russia, France, Switzerland and Germany. The most remarkable are the drawing of St. Basil`s Cathedral in Moscow, the Monastry of St. Alexis in Uglich, the views of Starocherkassk.

Practicing this technique the artist tends to use pen drawing and ink, but making the pencil strokes to picture the gracefulness of naked female figures.

One of the main authoring features of the artist is that he uses different shades of paper. The complexity and uniqueness of his authorial style is achieved by using different instruments like ink and pen drawing, graphite and coloured pencils, sometimes ceruse and fusain.

Currently the artists tends to use coloured pencils while making portraits which are very popular among public.

In the art gallery of Nikolay Polyushenko that is called NNN one can see the portraits of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II, as well as the portraits of

Jean-Claude Bulara (the mayer of La Mans), Karl-Eugen Engler (the mayer of Badenweiler) and H?l?ne Carr?re d’Encausse who is the permanent secretary of the Acad?mie fran?aise.