Art reproductions of an honoured painter of Russia
Nikolay Polyushenko

Nikolay Polyushenko gallery specializes on creation of high quality reproductions. We own exclusive rights for publication of Nikolay Polyushenko arts works. These contemporary aquarelle, gravure and drawing reproductions are truly unique and they have already become popular among collectors and decorators.

Wide choice of themes and superior variety of genres allow to find art reproductions for decoration of any interior. Still-life, landscapes, portraits and abstract compositions can be used in interior decoration of banks, golf-clubs, private yachts, cruise liners, smart restaurants, stylish small cafes, lively offices, cozy flats, educational establishments, reading rooms of libraries.

The Gallery offers wide range of baguets and frames which customer can choose buying reproductions. Opportunity to choose baguet separately from reproductions gives an additional advantage thanks to which art work will look in the most harmonic way within any specific interior.

We offer an exclusive choice of reproductions for galleries, stores, baguet studios and design projects all around the world. Our reproductions are printed only on special paper of elite sorts. Colour, texture and paper cover are selected with particular accuracy and thanks to this reproduction saves all details and nuances of original art work.

You can purchase authors reproductions with help of phone: (863)-269-43-76 or by e-mailing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with names of the works You are interested in, sizes, quantities and delivery type.


Reproduction (from Latin re- repeated, renewed, proceeded action and from Latin produco - to produce).
1) Process (action) - replication and multiplying of images (aquarelles, drawings, gravures, paintings, photoprints).
2) Result of the process (action) - replication of aquarelle, drawing, gravure, painting and photoprint with help of printing.
Facsimile reproduction - replication with exact delivery of not only theme but also of all singularities of the replicated object.

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