NNN Gallery represents art collection of an honoured artist of Russia Nikolay Polyushenko which counts more than 500 authors works implemented in techniques of painting, aquarelle, drawing, gravure, serigraphy and joined in series: "Russia", "Donland", "Rostov-on-Don", "Close to A.P. Chekhov", "Mikhail Sholokhov", "Alexander Solzhenitsyn", 'Europe by the view of the artist. Dialog of cultures", "Nude figure", "Portraits", "Mould-breaking art". Modern mould-breaking art in which art experiments and own look at contemporary art took place is represented widely.

Creating contemporary art works - the artist, at the same time, save and manifest cultural heritage which came to us from the depths of the centuries. These are old techniques and methods: copperplate print which was born a thousand years ago in ancient China, writing with aquarelle and oil paints, which people used in the name of spiritual progress and development.

Artist's works are regularly demonstrated in galleries, museums, public places, governmental establishments in Russia and abroad what is confirmed by long list of exhibitions. Completistes, museums, private galleries, public organizations. hotels can not only buy paintings and reproductions but also rent them and hold on an exhibition.

Paintings of Nikolay Polyushenko can help to decorate interiors of banks, offices, golf-clubs and also will provide to Your household furnishing complete and inimitable look. For discerning customers artworks are always perfectly decorated, NNN Gallery can provide wide choice of baguets, frames and passe-partouts.

If You are interested in buying authors artworks, reproductions and albums, we advise You to visit Store, Contacts, Auction. Also it's possible to take a look at and buy offered collection of art works in NNN Gallery, which is located in culture-historical center of Rostov-on-Don at the address: Pushkinskaya str., 83.