© N. Polyushenko
Серия "Мальта".
"Мальта. Памятник архитектуры"
2003, 43х36

Б., гравюра

Engraving – is a kind of graphic arts, printed designs, which are initially cut on to a hard surface (wood, metal, floor cloth) and are then put through a high-pressure printing press (etching press) together with an inked sheet of paper.

The most general distinguishing characteristics of engraving are labour intensity, process time and reversed image work.

Nowadays the value of engraving and the collectors` interest to it are steadily growing. And among other kinds of graphics, engraving takes the top place as every print made by the artist is the original work just like a painting made with oil or watercolor.

The technique of engraving occupies a lot in the creative activity of honoured artist Nikolay Polyushenko. During the leaving examinations at the Faculty of Art and Graphics( Rostov State University) the young artist arraigned engraving before the court of the examination board.

Those days he was particularly engaged in the lino print(linoleum-block print) but in the course of time he mastered the technique of copperplate printing on the wooden, metal and plastic surfaces. During the first years of his professional interest in the lino print, he was so involved in this process that used to work at it even while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, that was a surprise for the passers – by. He was never satisfied with what had already been achieved so studied hard the Chinese, Japanese engraving, making the copies of the well-known masters.

Now in his art gallery NNN you can see the engravings devoted to the memorial places of glory of Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Rostov region and Chekhov`s places.

After visiting Malta in 1993 he created a number of works picturing its beautiful landmarks and monuments.