NNN Gallery is located on Pushkinskaya street in cultural and historical center of Rostov-on-Don, favourite resting place of Rostov natives and guests. The building, in which it's located, was built in 1897 and it's called in historical notes as "Tenement building of E. Sheeplrain".

Opening of cultural center NNN Gallery in the building which is historical and architectural significant sight of the city - shows an example of very seamless usage of our cultural heritage. Gallery is created in 2010, its exhibition area - 340 sq.m. and its main aim is to support formation of Don capital's look.

Founders of NNN Gallery are candidate of science N.V. Voynova and an honoured artist of Russia, Member of artists' commonwealth of Russia and the International Association of Arts AIAP UNESCO N.V. Polyushenko.

NNN Gallery presents collection of more than 1000 N.V. Polyushenko authors works: landscapes, still-life, portraits and illustrations, completed in techniques of painting, aquarelle, drawing, gravure, serigraphy for the topics "Russia", "Don land", "Rostov-on-Don", "Close to A.P. Chekhov", "Mikhail Sholokhov", "Alexander Solzhenitsyn", "Europe through eyes of the Artist. Dialog of cultures", 'Nude figure", "Portrait", "Mould-breaking art".

NNN Gallery regularly holds on travelling exhibitions in Russia and abroad, popularizing memorable places and famous people of Rostov-on-Don. Except authors art works art reproductions, calendars, postcards, albums and catalogues are represented in NNN gallery.

Giving as present of printed publications to universities. schools, hospitals and libraries is an integral part of Gallery's activities. NNN Gallery was rewarded a Certificate of Merit of Rostov-on-Don mayor for the first place in city competition "Leaders of Rostov-on-Don tourist industry 2010" with nomination "Best museum (gallery, exposition, exhibition)".

NNN Gallery
Invites You for cooperation and offers You:

  • Individual work with every visitor.
  • Creative meeting with an Honoured artist of Russia Nikolay Polyushenko.
  • Authors art works (painting, gravure, aquarelle, drawing).
  • Art-publications (gift albums, posters, postcards).
  • Baguet frames, decoration with passe-partout.
  • Auctions.
  • Exhibition areas.
  • Artists exhibition within the gallery and outside it.
  • Renting out of art works.
  • Decoration of Your premises (banks, restaurants, hotels, educational establishments, offices, governmental establishments).
  • Personal and group studying painting and graphics (gravure, aquarelle, drawing) classes for people of all ages.
  • Weekend tours.
  • Chinese tea ceremony - Gong Fu.
  • Practicing healing breath techniques of Tai Chi Quan and Qi Gong.
  • Order of gift authors calendars.